Hair Extensions

Hair Den’s Beautiful Hair Extensions

At Hair Den hairdressers, we believe hair extensions are a powerful tool for transforming your hair and unlocking its full potential. Whether you desire added thickness, length, volume, or vibrant colour, our expert stylists are here to craft your dream look with ethically sourced, high-quality extensions.

Our signature application technique is unique to Hair Den, ensuring seamless blending, making it virtually impossible to distinguish your natural hair from the extensions. We are so confident in our expertise that we promise undetectable extensions that will leave you feeling confident and radiant.

Hair Extensions are also a great way to experiment with colour, without the full time commitment or damage to your natural hair. This service can transform your colour in just 30 minutes.

Gone are the days of fake looking extensions which ruin your natural hair. At Hair Den we offer so many options to choose from to ensure a carefully crafted, high quality finish and tailored to you. After a complimentary consultation your stylist will guide you with which Extension Service is best recommended. Our colour selection and range of hair is second to none, the only problem will be deciding on your hair inspiration.

Hair Den’s Extension Services Include

  • 100% ethically sourced virgin hairWe prioritise ethical sourcing and use only the highest quality, cruelty-free hair extensions.
  • Tape hair extensions: This popular method offers comfortable wear and seamless application, ideal for adding volume and length to your hair.
  • Keratin bonds: This technique utilises heat-activated keratin bonds to securely attach extensions, creating long-lasting volume and fullness.
  • LA Weave-Weft: This traditional method involves weaving extensions into your natural hair, offering a versatile and customisable option for adding significant length and volume.
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